Take a nice, deep breath.  Now wiggle.    

When you hire me, you hire an artist.

Photography and I found each other when I was a kid.  I hijacked my Dad’s old Nikon F, a camera he bought before I was born, and have been making art with my camera(s) for almost 30 years.  I started when I was in high school and continued on to art school where I earned a degree in Fine Arts Photography.  


When you meet me, you will feel at ease.  

It will only take the briefest of moments for you to know that I am warm, funny, full of compassion, and so easy to be with.  I always take great care of all of my clients, helping you feel calm and relaxed. If you happen to feel awkward when I point my camera in your direction, I know exactly what to do to help.  I will ask you to take a nice, long deep breath, to wiggle, to close your eyes, open your eyes, to smile and to not smile.   You will feel at ease, I promise. 


When you see the results, you will be pleased.

I have a true talent for photographing relationships. Real life, power, beauty, authenticity, dignity, calmness and happiness.  The images I capture are full of movement; they are empowering, they tell a story, they are artistic.  Your portraits will be gorgeous because I know how to capture people looking their absolute best - happy, serious, powerful, charming, candid, sweet, silly, confident and real.  The good vibes shine.