The Mouse Project

“The latest research showed employers have a systemic bias against short people, rating them as less effective and rewarding them accordingly. Every 2.5 centimeters (or one inch) adds an average $1139 to a yearly pay packet.”  (2004)

What validation, to feel so ineffective for so long, and then discover this information.  

It has become impossible to move in the world with a sense of authority and ease when at any moment someone could invade my space, my world, and take something from me.  I look like a child.  I am small, tiny, petite, cute.  Because I look young, people feel justified in talking down to me, ignoring me,  asking how old I am, (so they can decide how to treat me), asking about my family genetics, not looking at me when they speak, instead looking at someone who appears to be the “authority” (older-looking friends, my husband . . .), expecting less of me, paying me less, expecting that I am incapable of doing things.

I brace myself in anticipation.  I can tell by the look on someone's face, their body language, that they think I am a child.  Then come the questions: “Why aren't you in school?”; “Where is your mom?”;  “Children can be dangerous with knives.”  

My footing falters.  I am still the same, but somewhat deflated.  I wonder how this effects me on a subconscious level, and I know that this has molded me into the person I am.