Princess Nakayama

When I found out I was pregnant I was ashamed and afraid. I automatically started telling myself that my life was over and that I wouldn’t be able to go to school anymore. I was despondent mostly because my mother always said that the way kids act reflects on their parents. When I got pregnant and was at the market with her or went anywhere with her, I felt people’s eyes go to my belly, then to my young face, and then to my mother. I felt embarrassed, disappointed, and irresponsible. 

Later, I was always thinking, should I be doing this since I’m a mom now? Should I be dressing like this? Do adults see me as a slut for having a baby? Does my daughter, Majesty, know I’m her mother? 

I did not think I would have much support from my family when I found out I was pregnant, but my mother, who was also a teen parent, reassured me that she would help me raise my daughter and be there for me. Then I knew everything would actually be fine. My whole family was very supportive and still loved me, which made me feel so relieved and grateful. 

Going to school pregnant was a good experience. I am thankful because not many other teen parents can say that. My friends stayed my friends and everyone was still kind to me. Staff and teachers were very understanding and kept believing in me. 

I love being a mom and seeing Majesty develop every week. I would like my daughter to see that it is still possible to do everything. I would like to show the doubters and nonbelievers that I can keep up with my schoolwork, attendance, grades, and track; still be the vice president of my club Sisters of Color; and raise my child. I love putting 100 percent effort into everything I do now because everyday of my life my mind is preoccupied with thoughts: How can I better my life so my daughter’s life can be the best she deserves? What can my club do to better my community? How can I make my grades better? What else can I do so colleges can say, “Wow, she did all this while being a teen mom?”

My overall feeling is that I am joyous and not ashamed anymore. I have more motivation than ever and believe that teen parents can do anything they wish, just like any other teens. I want them and others to see that anything is possible no matter what.