Salma Dini

It was Monday morning when I felt that I was pregnant and took the pregnancy test and found out that I was pregnant. It was nothing but excitement the whole day and I started thinking about the whole process through the whole nine months ahead of me while I'm going to school.

After the first five to six months with my belly getting heavier, it started to get harder and harder every other month. Even though it was hard being pregnant while in high school, my goal was always to be able to graduate and be able to move on to college. I was afraid that people were going to give me a hard time because of my pregnancy in high school, but some kids even smiled as they passed me, and with the help of my husband always telling me how strong I was, I was able to complete all my courses in school through the whole nine months of my pregnancy, and I gave birth to my Prince Zakir a month before my graduation ceremony. My dream is to live a good life in the future with my children, and give them the best education they can get, and be able to raise them the best way I can.