June 24

June 24 2015

Everyday is so different here.  Today I worked with Dani, he is my Jewish Camp Mom - he is taking amazing care of me and I am so grateful.  He checks on me all the time.  He teaches me glass - he is an extremely talented and successful glass artist.  I am so privileged to get to work with him and spend time with him.  He is a wonderful mother to me.  The entire staff had the day off today, starting after lunch.  After doing some photography, I worked on a bowl I am making in the fused glass studio.  Then, Dani invited me to a gathering for dinner.  This is so wonderful, to feel included and cared for.  My mind keeps getting blown up - over and over and over.  I am so alone, but not at all alone.  Today is my third day here, it feels like I've been here for weeks.  I have so many ups and downs.  I'm an emotional person, so get used to it.  I think someone here does not like how sensitive I am, and I'm OK with that.  Maybe.  And this is me.  Motherfucker.