July 8

July 8, 2015

This Is Candy Drop.  HVC, Freedom, Maine.  July 8, 2015  

I knew it was happening a few minutes before it happened.  I stood, waiting to photograph the intense mayhem that I knew was coming my way.  The plane flew over camp once, the crowd jumped up as one and flew toward the soccer field, ready to catch the candy that was being thrown out of this airplane.  I ran with the crowd, fully aware that 90% of the kids at camp are bigger than I am, wondering if I was going to be trampled in the frenzy.  I ran into the center of the crowd, hoping no one would knock me down.  Thankfully, I was only shoved once by a camper twice my size.  

It was so much fun - the ferocity and excitement of the crowd was intoxicating.  I was screaming as I photographed, mostly out of fear of being trampled, but also because it was amazing!  Candy falling from the sky!   And that's how we do things at HVC - candy falling from the sky, twice every summer.