May 25, 2016

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Mayim the Night He Received His Siddur.  May 24, 2016

I’m starting this thing up again.  I miss it and I need it.  There’s so much going on right now.  I am overwhelmed and exhausted.  Today Meghan encouraged me to fight the urge to get back into bed at 11 am, she encouraged me to keep going.  I had to compromise – I got in bed for 20 minutes and watched the end to the mediocre movie I was revisiting, (Save the Last Dance).  Then I peeled myself out of bed, dug through the clean laundry bins and found a pair of pink yoga pants.  I’ve decided that I am a good enough teacher to lead my own, private yoga sessions.  Private meaning it was only me doing the yoga.  I thought I had to follow another teacher’s  you-tube yoga videos, (I've been working on the self-confidence thing in therapy).  So, I did some yoga, which was hard because I was feeling really antsy.  I couldn't commit to any pose for very long, which was very interesting to watch.  Then I got to work.  I got some terrible things accomplished, the kinds of things that felt insurmountable because they were so hideously tedious.  Like, calling the health insurance company to keep working on getting the reimbursement I am entitled to.  And, ordering the printables for my photography business.  Then, I picked the boys up from school.  I brought Honey Bird with me in the car and while I was petting her, I found a TICK.  OK.  Ticks are repulsive.  So disgusting.  And ticks have been on my mind too much lately.

Mayim received his Siddur last night.  He was up on the stage with all of the first graders. He read his part in Hebrew.  He was awesome.