May 28, 2016


Calendula.  May 28, 2016

Hollyhocks.  May 28, 2016

Wind Chimes.  May 28, 2016

For years and years I've had those kinds of bad dreams that don't really qualify as nightmares, they are something  more like stressmares.  I don't have them very often, but there are reoccurring themes.  One of the themes goes something like this:  I am taking a school bus to camp, from Florida to Maine, (which is ridiculous, something we never did, it would take a week - we always flew to camp).  So I am already stressed, in my dream, because we are on a damn school bus.  My mom did all of my packing for me and I'm riding on this wretched, yellow school bus for what seems like forever and the entire time I am on this bus I am completely stressed out because I've realized that I will be at camp for an entire month and my mother forgot to pack any underwear.  Like that.  Different scenarios, but same stressful theme about getting to camp, or being at camp and never having the right amount of clothing.  Or no clothing at all.  

We are now in gear-up-for-camp mode.  It is my job to pack for the boys and for myself.  As a perfectionist, everything has to be just right.  And the reality is, even if I pack 5 pairs of shorts for Mayim, he'll probably wear the same 2 for the entire month.  He will stink, he will be filthy, he won't give a shit and he'll have a great time.