June 16, 2016

Short Haircut #2

Mayim Designed His Hair.  June 16, 2016

Today is Thursday.  It went by in a blur.  It is now 10:33 pm and I just filled out paperwork for camp that I should have done 44 days ago, (says the website), but I didn't because I had no idea and it was so much more extensive than I realized and I'm thinking, what kind of adult am I that I don't even fill out the camp health records until right before we head to Maine?  What kind of adult does not have their shit together?  I am learning that I am not the only one who ever does things or feels things, so I can't be the only one.  But I feel like I fucked up.  And there it is. 

Tomorrow I will finalize packing.  I need to make yet another trip to Target, to get the last few remaining items on my list.  I can't find one of the laundry bags from last year.  I need some socks and sheets.  Etc.  

I am thinking about Chinese food.  Tomorrow is Cool Moon Friday (Meg and Toby, will you be here for that?).  And I'm very tired.  

Tonight we will watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I will fall asleep mid-episode, as I have been doing all week.  I love to watch, but it's so soothing.