May 16, 2017


My House, 7:31 PM - 7:38 PM.  May 16, 2017

This is what we were doing from 7:31 PM - 7:38 PM tonight, on a very typical night for us.  Aaron cooked dinner, (fried rice, dairy and gluten free, with chicken and tofu). In our house, we have the rule, I Cooked, You Clean.  So, most nights I clean, which I like to do.  I used to enjoy cooking, sometimes I still do, but not often.  So, I was cleaning the kitchen. The cats were lingering in the kitchen, waiting to be fed. Lavi was doing homework. Mayim was putting on his new shorts that he got for his birthday. Aaron was vegging out with Honey Bird and Mayim was found again, this time gearing up to rollerblade around the house, another birthday gift. Is this interesting?  I'm hoping you feel like you're getting a glimpse into our lives, a real, honest, messy house, true as shit, boring look at our routine. This is our life. This is my family. How many times do we wear a mask during our busy lives and busy days? We say everything is fine. We clean our houses before we let anyone in. We put make up on and earrings in. We wear fancy pants shoes and fancy pants pocket books and drive fancy pants cars. I want to know the dirty, gritty, intimate, true as shit parts of you.  I don't want to know that everything is fine. Fine is so boring and when the fuck is it the truth?  We all struggle. We all suffer.  It is the commonality of being human.  I don't want a surface relationship with you. I want to know what makes you laugh, cry, scream, revolt, pee your pants.  I want to know it all, so stop holding back. Holding back is so safe and so fucking boring. Be yourself. Let your love light shine. Be messy and gross and rude and crude. All of those things are my most most most favorite things in the world. You can and should always say, "This Is Me, Motherfucker".