July 3

July 3, 2015

Today is Ilyse's birthday - Happy Birthday Lulu!!  Last year at exactly this time, we were all together celebrating Ilyse's 40th birthday in Sonoma.  I loved being there, we all had a special time - all of us!  This year we are in Maine and I called Ilyse from the ice cream stand about 15 minutes away from camp.  Even though Ilyse is not physically in Maine, I feel really connected to her because she also spent many summers at a sleep away camp in Maine.  So we agree.  

Today was a FULL day, as all days at HVC are.  I am in bed, in my sleeping bag, really really ready for bedtime.  Today I taught 2 photography classes, I went in a canoe - with my camera (scary!) - Phillie rowed me around the lake so I could photograph swimmers, paddle boarders, windsurfers and sliders (there's a giant, old, metal slide).  I also taught a fused glass class - as well as taking many photos around camp.  Tomorrow I have a date with Robin and the alpacas, for a photo shoot.  

My boys are already professional campers.  Today was the first day Lavi did not eat lunch with me  - he is so awesome.  Mayim and I had lunch together and he talked my ear off, which I loved every moment.  It's interesting being at camp together, but only seeing them here and there and then maybe for lunch.  So different then our regular routine at home.  

I am off to sleep now.  Love, Eden 

The Luna Moth.  July 3, 2015