July 4

July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!  Today was a good day, but I was challenged.  Three campers taught me something new today.  They are difficult kids in my classes and they are teaching me that I have to be solid.  All three of them were unpleasant in three very different ways and I let them get to me.  Tonight I remembered how wonderful and creative and inspired some of the other kids in my classes were, so that is where my focus needs to go.  

On another note, I spent time with the Llama and Alpaca Care class today.  It was a very fun experience, up close with llamas and alpacas.  

And tonight we traveled to Searsport, sat on a floating dock on the ocean off the coast of Maine and watched the 4th of July fireworks.  I loved it!  

The Tiniest Alpaca.  July 4, 2015