June 22, 2016

Glimpses of Hidden Valley Camp

Top Row:  Farm House and Backyard.  Llama Pasture

Middle Row:  Loons (Lavi's Cabin) and Lower Carriage House.  Roaring Rabbit.

Bottom Row:  Fused Glass Tools.  Tipi Village.

Today was my second day at camp.

These are my thoughts on being new.  It is really hard being new and it feels difficult to know where I fit in.  Even though I feel very awkward, I like being new.  I am so uncomfortable sometimes, but I like it.  Even though I hate it.  Even though I feel lonely sometimes.  I know there are people that love me.  I am just new.  And awkward.  And sensitive.  I walk around all the time with really big feelings.  I've done this many times and every time it is difficult and then, all of a sudden, I'm not new anymore.  There is routine.  There are friends.  Connections are made.  It is so interesting to notice and acknowledge what it feels like before anything feels familiar and comfortable. When I talk to my old friends back home, it feels like my skin can relax.  My organs can relax.  My pelvic floor can relax.  It feels like I haven't had an oxygen in a while and then I get this giant oxygen tank and I feel so much better.  Not as hollow.  Not as awkward.  I can hang my hat.