June 24, 2016

Things I See 

Top Row:  Welcome Sign on the Camp Road.  The Picnic Table Where We Eat.

Bottom Row:  One View From Our Picnic Table.  Baby Robins on the Back Porch of the Dining Hall.

Today I made pinhole cameras.  And today was the day the boys were dropped off at camp!  So exciting!!  Their counselors are amazing.  They greeted the boys, they took them into their cabins and showed them their bunk beds.  Mayim is on the top bunk, (there's a guard rail), near his counselor.  Lavi has a bottom bunk.  Both seemed really happy.  Mayim was shy for 15 seconds, then he saw an old friend from last year, yelled his name and went running after him.  And off they go!  I'm so excited to have them at camp with me.  My favorite daily moment is when I am sitting at the picnic table where we eat (see above) and I see the boys coming to the dining hall for breakfast where I can see the outfit they picked out themselves.  Always fabulous combinations.  

Aaron and I are having a lovely, quiet, relaxing moment to ourselves for the first time in many weeks.  I am exhausted and greatly anticipating the incredible busyness that will be upon me, (and all of the staff at camp),  starting tomorrow when the campers start arriving from all corners of the Earth.   

Tonight we went for Thai food.  The pad thai tasted exactly like Honey Bird = Not Good.  

It is 8:48 pm.  Time to get ready for bed.  Early day tomorrow - the buses will arrive!!!