June 4, 2016

Best Husband on the Planet

Installation Day.  June 4, 2016

Today was the day, folks!  Aaron installed a drip irrigation system in our garden.  He worked his ass off.  Designed a genius pattern.  Dug trenches.  Toiled in the 100 degree weather.  Sweated and cried.  My hero!!!  I've been begging for a drip system and today it happened!  

You can see many flowers in the background:  hollyhocks, calendula.  The daisies are growing exponentially every minute of every day.  I wonder if they will bloom before we hit the road.  I hope so, I love them.  

The strawberries are blooming.  The sunflowers are hip high.  Every day I go outside, it is so exciting!  I planted dahlia bulbs for the first time and they are growing!  Of course I have pineapple sage - they are still small, but they will be tremendous in the fall.  Pineapple sage is my favorite plant.  This year we planted a purple smokebush.  

And now, we have an irrigation system!  Thanks to the best husband, ever.